Things You Save in a Fire: A Novel

St. Martin's Press #ad - Another winner from Center. Booklist, hope, independent heroine meets a smoking-hot fireman in center’s smart romance… if you enjoyed ‘the kiss quotient, read things you Save in a Fire”’– THE WASHINGTON POSTFrom the New York Times bestselling author of How to Walk Away comes a stunning new novel about courage, ’ by Helen Hoang, STARRED REVIEW“A spirited, and learning to love against all odds.

Cassie Hanwell was born for emergencies. And don’t forget the advice her old captain gave her: Never date firefighters. But she can't think about that. As one of the only female firefighters in her Texas firehouse, she's seen her fair share of them, and she's a total pro at other people's tragedies. Indie next pick for august****an august 2019 libraryreads selection****book of the month pick for july****an amazon editor’s pick for august**“center gives readers a sharp and witty exploration of love and forgiveness that is at once insightful, entertaining, and thoroughly addictive.

Things You Save in a Fire: A Novel #ad - Kirkus, a tearjerking twist, starred review“An appealing heroine, a compelling love story, and a thoroughly absorbing story. Hazing, a lack of funding, and poor facilities mean that the firemen aren't exactly thrilled to have a "lady" on the crew—even one as competent and smart as Cassie. Because love is girly, and it’s not her thing.

Except for the infatuation-inspiring rookie, who doesn't seem to mind having Cassie around. But when her estranged and ailing mother asks her to give up her whole life and move to Boston, Cassie suddenly has an emergency of her own.


How to Walk Away: A Novel

St. Martin's Press #ad - In the hospital and forced to face the possibility that nothing will ever be the same again, Maggie must confront the unthinkable. First there is her fiancé, Chip, who wallows in self-pity while simultaneously expecting to be forgiven. Margaret jacobsen is just about to step into the bright future she’s worked for so hard and so long: a new dream job, a fiancé she adores, and the promise of a picture-perfect life just around the corner.

Then, there's her sister Kit, who shows up after pulling a three-year vanishing act. And sometimes love can find us in the least likely place we would ever expect. Ian, who won't let her give in to her pity, and who sees her like no one has seen her before. How to walk away is katherine center at her very best—a masterpiece of a novel that is both hopeful and hilarious; truthful and wise; tender and brave.

How to Walk Away: A Novel #ad - Praise for how to walk Away:"A heartbreak of a novel that celebrates resilience and strength. Jill santopolo, bestselling author of The Light We Lost"If you just read one book this year, read How to Walk Away. Nina george, new york times bestselling author of The Little Paris Bookshop"Warm, witty, and wonderfully observed.

Emily giffin, new york times bestselling author of first Comes Love"Sympathetic and refreshing!" —Elinor Lipman, bestselling author of The Family Man"I can't think of a blurb good enough for this novel.


The Lost Husband: A Novel

Ballantine Books #ad - Life on aunt jean’s goat farm is both more wonderful and more mysterious than Libby could have imagined. Perfect for fans of jennifer weiner and emily Giffin, this tender and heartwarming novel explores the trials of losing what matters most—and how there’s always more than we can imagine left to find.

Fans of well-crafted romantic women’s fiction won’t be disappointed. Booklist“a novel about family, love and forgiveness. And despite everything she’s lost, Libby soon realizes how much more she’s found. Now her crazy aunt jean has offered Libby an escape: a job and a place to live on her farm in the Texas Hill Country.

The Lost Husband: A Novel #ad - Heart-rending and heartwarming. Kirkus Reviews. Beyond the animals and the strenuous work, there is quiet—deep, country quiet. Before she can talk herself out of it, grabbing the kids, Libby is packing the minivan, and hitting the road. The letter comes out of the blue, who—after the sudden death of her husband, and just in time for Libby Moran, Danny—went to stay with her hypercritical mother.

She hasn’t just traded one kind of crazy for another: She may actually have found the place to bring her little family—and herself—back to life. Praise for the lost husband  “A sweet tale about creating the family you need. People“a heartwarming novel that explores the trials of losing what matters most.


Happiness for Beginners: A Novel

St. Martin's Griffin #ad - Thus begins the strangest adventure of helen's well-behaved life: three weeks in the remotest wilderness of a mountain range in Wyoming where she will survive mosquito infestations, a surprise summer blizzard, and a group of sorority girls. A year after getting divorced, helen Carpenter, lets her annoying, thirty-two, ten years younger brother talk her into signing up for a wilderness survival course.

. And, somehow the people who annoy her the most start teaching her the very things she needs to learn. Yet, despite everything, the vast wilderness has a way of making Helen's own little life seem bigger, too. Like how to stand up for herself. And how being scared can make you brave. And how sometimes you just have to get really, really lost before you can even have a hope of being found.

Happiness for Beginners: A Novel #ad - It's supposed to be a chance for her to pull herself together again, but when she discovers that her brother's even-more-annoying best friend is also coming on the trip, she can't imagine how it will be anything other than a disaster.


Get Lucky: A Novel

Ballantine Books #ad - But either way, after forwarding an inappropriate email to her entire company, she suddenly finds herself out of a job. So she goes home to Houston—and her sister, Mackie—for Thanksgiving. Which gives sarah a brilliant idea—an idea that could fix everyone’s problems. How do you change your luck? katherine Center’s marvelously entertaining and poignant new novel is about choosing to look for happiness—and maybe getting lucky enough to find it.

Sarah harper isn’t sure if the stupid decisions she sometimes makes are good choices in disguise—or if they’re really just stupid. After a decade away, sarah is forced to confront one ghost from her past after another: the father she’s lost touch with, the memories of her mother, the sweet guy she dumped horribly in high school.

Get Lucky: A Novel #ad - Soon everything that matters is on the line—and Sarah can only hope that by changing her life she has changed her luck, too. But before sarah can share her troubles with her sister, she learns that Mackie has some woes of her own: After years of trying, Mackie’s given up on having a baby—and plans to sell on eBay the entire nursery she’s set up.

An idea that gives sarah the chance to take care of her big sister for once—instead of the other way around. But nothing worthwhile is ever easy.


The Bright Side of Disaster: A Novel

Ballantine Books #ad - And the very next day, Jenny goes into labor. In the months that follow, Jenny plunges into a life she never anticipated: single motherhood. But dean is acting distant, and the night he runs out for cigarettes and doesn't come back, he demotes himself from future husband to sperm donor. Cleverly told and uncommonly appealing.

People sometimes the worst thing that can happen is exactly what you've been waiting for. Very pregnant and not quite married, Dean, Jenny Harris doesn't mind that she and her live-in fiancé, accidentally started their family a little earlier than planned. A charming debut. It is so warm, so wise-and, despite its poignancy, so smart, so touching, you read the whole thing with a laugh in your throat.

The Bright Side of Disaster: A Novel #ad - Anna maxted, author of a tale of Two Sisters "A funny and poignant novel about love, motherhood and men. But dean is never far from jenny's thoughts or, it turns out, her doorstep, and in the end she must choose between the old life she thought she wanted and the new life she's been lucky to find. The bright side of Disaster is a treat of a book.

Elevates the subject matter beyond the realm of 'mommy lit. Houston chronicle"A compulsively great read with a truly likable leading lady. Metrocanada"charming, quite sweet, and deliciously  hopeful.


Everyone Is Beautiful: A Novel

Ballantine Books #ad - She’s left behind family, friends, and a comfortable life–all so her husband can realize his dream of becoming a professional musician. She’s piled everything she owns into a u-Haul and driven with her husband, Peter, and their three little boys from their cozy Texas home to a multiflight walkup in the Northeast.

. It’s time to rise up, fish her moxie out of the diaper pail, and find the woman she was before motherhood capsized her entire existence. Lanie sets change in motion–joining a gym, signing up for photography classes, and finding a new best friend. In the end, lanie must figure out once and for all how to find herself without losing everything else in the process.

Everyone Is Beautiful: A Novel #ad - Katherine center’s everyone is beautiful is a hugely entertaining, poignant, and charming new novel about what happens after happily ever after: how a woman learns to fall in love with her husband–and her entire life–all over again. From the Hardcover edition. Fifteen years, and more pounds than she’s willing to count since the day she said “I do, three babies, ” Lanie longs desperately to feel like her old self again.

But she also creates waves that come to threaten her whole life. If only she could remember what they were. These days, lanie always seems to rank herself dead last–and when another mom accidentally criticizes her appearance, it’s the final straw. Lanie coates’s life is spinning out of control.


The Girl He Used to Know: A Novel

St. Martin's Press #ad - She's living the life she wanted as a librarian. He's a wall street whiz, recovering from a divorce and seeking a fresh start. The attraction and strong feelings they once shared are instantly rekindled, but until they confront the fears and anxieties that drove them apart, their second chance will end before it truly begins.

Anxious in social situations where she finds most people's behavior confusing, she'd rather be surrounded by the order and discipline of books or the quiet solitude of playing chess. Jonathan hoffman joined the chess club and lost his first game—and his heart—to the shy and awkward, yet brilliant and beautiful Annika.

What follows is a tumultuous yet tender love affair that withstands everything except the unforeseen tragedy that forces them apart, shattering their connection and leaving them to navigate their lives alone. Now, a decade later, fate reunites Annika and Jonathan in Chicago. New york times bestselling author of On the Island, Tracey Garvis Graves, presents the compelling, hopelessly romantic novel of unconditional love.

The Girl He Used to Know: A Novel #ad - Annika rose is an English major at the University of Illinois. Jonathan and annika bring out the best in each other, finding the confidence and courage within themselves to plan a future together. He admires her ability to be true to herself, quirks and all, and accepts the challenges involved in pursuing a relationship with her.


What You Wish For

St. Martin's Press #ad - Now, with duncan determined to destroy everything sam loves about her school in the name of security—and turn it into nothing short of a prison—Sam has to stand up for everyone she cares about before the school that’s become her home is gone for good. Samantha casey loves everything about her job as an elementary school librarian on the sunny, the stately Victorian building, historic island of Galveston, Texas—the goofy kids, the butterfly garden.

What You Wish For #ad - He’s become stiff, and humorless, and obsessed with school safety. When duncan shows up as her new boss, though, he’s nothing like the sweet teacher she once swooned over. But when the school suddenly loses its beloved principal, it turns out his replacement will be none other than Duncan Carpenter—a former, unrequited crush of Sam’s from many years before.


The Giver of Stars: A Novel

Pamela Dorman Books #ad - It’s such a great narrative about personal strength and really captures how books bring communities together. Reese witherspoonfrom the author of me before you, set in Depression-era America, the perfect holiday gift for booklovers, a breathtaking story of five extraordinary women and their remarkable journey through the mountains of Kentucky and beyond.

Alice wright marries handsome American Bennett Van Cleve hoping to escape her stifling life in England. But small-town kentucky quickly proves equally claustrophobic, especially living alongside her overbearing father-in-law. Funny, it is destined to become a modern classic--a richly rewarding novel of women’s friendship, enthralling, heartbreaking, of true love, and of what happens when we reach beyond our grasp for the great beyond.

Soon to be a major motion picture! . Her characters are so compelling. And though they face all kinds of dangers in a landscape that is at times breathtakingly beautiful, they’re committed to their job: bringing books to people who have never had any, at others brutal, arming them with facts that will change their lives.

The Giver of Stars: A Novel #ad - Based on a true story rooted in America’s past, The Giver of Stars is unparalleled in its scope and epic in its storytelling. These heroic women refuse to be cowed by men or by convention. So when a call goes out for a team of women to deliver books as part of Eleanor Roosevelt’s new traveling library, Alice signs on enthusiastically.