The Real Dopeboyz of Atlanta: A Street Love Tale

Myss Shan #ad - After all, eve’s father will kill maino and his whole family while Maino’s long time girlfriend and mother of their one year old daughters will kill him. He remains stoic, humble, and in true boss form. When death is right at his front door, daughter of the infamous noie King, will he see Poetic has someone in his corner or just another person trying to take him down? Poetic King, and enemies at his neck for the formula he has created, has pretty much had everything handed to her on a silver platter.

Maino is rude, cocky handsome, sexy and let’s not forget paid. Ahmeen, a true street pharmacist and hustla has the secret formula that not even he will give to his family. What was supposed to be business, quickly because a passionate filled affair that neither of them can afford for anyone to find out.

. Happy for his family’s success, moni does his best to be to cope with his failures, but he isn’t able to get over the fact that he wasn’t the one to bring the trophy home. In this tale of forbidden street love, drama, and greed, The Real Dopeboyz of Atlanta is sure to have you on an emotional rollercoaster.

The Real Dopeboyz of Atlanta: A Street Love Tale #ad - The success doesn’t seem to get to Ahmeen’s head like it seems to do to his brother De’Moni. His reckless acts and envious feelings get him caught up in a situation to where he must choose himself or his family. Originally known as the enforcer of the family, maino is faced with stepping into the game and becoming something he never thought he would, when his father comes to him to let him know that their legacy is at risk, but quickly realizes how good he is —a dopeboy.


The Real Dopeboyz of Atlanta 2: A Street Love Tale The Finale

Myss Shan #ad - There isn’t anywhere safe that Moni can go with Ahmeen on his trail. But witness protection. Now more richer, more respected, and more known than ever, Ahmeen is dealing with knowing that his product is becoming internationally known. Moni never expected for ahmeen to walk away but to his dismay, not only did he, but he’s came out stronger and with a heart of vengeance.

Not only that, he still has maino gunning for him and when the Mexican cartel approaches him will he accept the offer to rid of Maino for them? Poetic knew that when her family found out what she’s been up to, things would not be easy, but what she never expected was for her twin sister Lyric to completely turn everyone against her.

Things are blissful but when poe finds out that her big brother Maino is in trouble, she’s unable to turn her back on him like he did her, ultimately putting her relationship and life at risk. Scared that he will lose Poe, Ahmeen continues to keep his son secret, only digging himself deeper into the grave.

The Real Dopeboyz of Atlanta 2: A Street Love Tale The Finale #ad - With the love of his life by his side, and a me baby on the way, Ahmeen is living every man’s dream. Now being completely exiled, Poetic is pushed further into the arms of Ahmeen. He treats her like non-other than the Queen she is. Ahmeen tries his hardest to move on with his life and continue ringing bells in the streets.

The bond she is has with him is more than she could’ve imagined, especially when The Shakur family takes in her with open arms.


In Love With The King Of Chicago In Love With The King Of Chicago Book 1

Urban Chapters Publications #ad - At twenty-eight years old, Dame was ready to settle down and be that one-woman man. But, damien “dame” wright was the guy who set out to change her mind on that. Love is physically addictive, and falling in love activates areas of the brain that gives you the same feelings one would get from doing cocaine.

Trying to break down the wall that Melodee had up became too much for him, and he was ready to give up. After getting her heart broken, she shuts herself down from any type of relationship. This could be the perfect love story for Dez and Karter, but we all know those don’t exist. At a young age, Karter knew all about heartache.

In Love With The King Of Chicago In Love With The King Of Chicago Book 1 #ad - For the longest, until big mama passed, it had been just Karter and Big Mama, and it turned Karter’s life upside down. This was definitely the case for twenty-six-year-old Karter Martin and twenty-nine-year old Dezmund “Dez” Wright. Dez had been a money-making machine since he was nine years old, and he took over being the ‘man of the house’.

But, can they keep it together long enough to explore being a real couple?These brothers went from running an entire city effortlessly, to struggling to get their own lives under control. Dez’s mind was always on his paper, there was something unexplainable that drew him to her, and he didn’t think twice about love, but when he laid eyes on Karter, and he didn’t want to let it go.

That year, big mama put Karter in dance class, and she hasn’t stopped dancing since. The women in their lives didn’t have it any easier as they dealt with the consequences of being In Love With the King of Chicago.


Drama In The Hood: A Cliché Series Book One

Cliche Publications #ad - Personalities clash, hormones run wild, drugs are accessible, gangs are the only family to some and pride can be a cruel friend. In the mind of a teenager, small problems are big problems. Well, we're all a Cliché. A nineteen-year-old Sabrina deals with the aftermath of her rape. A series of how a group of teenagers stories connect at the end of a high school era and the beginning of the rest of their lives.

While also trying to juggle school, the start of her adult life and moving on. These are the stories of a group of urban teenagers whom paths cross. So what does that make huge problems? A series of bad choices, absentee parents due to drugs, life circumstances, prison and young love. Fuel a war in a high school that bleeds to the streets of Baltimore.

Drama In The Hood: A Cliché Series Book One #ad - In this world, a generation of narcissistic, misfits, they are labeled troublemakers, lazy and delusional teenagers. When the law isn't an option in the hood, where do you go for help? The streets of Baltimore just got bloodier. The hood. A melting pot of different cultures and personalities. She soon finds out trying to forgive and forget the actions of her ex and his family makes things worst.

An attempted murder, a repeat offense, and an assault make Sabrina and her friends take matters into their own hands.


In Love With The King Of Chicago 2

Urban Chapters Publications #ad - When it feels like the universe is working against her, can karter keep her head above water? Or, a child?Dez’s first priority is always to protect his family, will her constant stress and worrying cost her and Dez the one thing they both so desire, even when he’s not in the best position to do so.

Setting out to prove her parents wrong, Melodee focuses on doing what she has to do to secure her future. But, can dez stay a free man? or, with a detective on his back with an ax to grind, will he have to get his hands dirty one last time to show why he was the king to begin with?“You’ll never make it anywhere in life without a degree.

In Love With The King Of Chicago 2 #ad - The words her father said to her still rang strong in Melodee’s ears, even eight years later. But, they always have some tricks up their sleeves, one thing about the Wright brothers, and for the women they love, they’ll paint the town red. A king can’t be a king without the strength of his queen. After dez is arrested, not only for herself, Karter is stuck on the outside trying to hold it all together, but for her unborn child as well.

But, or will her ‘i can do it myself’ attitude run him away? In this final installment, will she allow Dame to step in help, this crew is struggling to keep the family together. Find out why karter and Melodee are still in love with the King of Chicago.


The Real Dopeboyz of Dade County

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - Serenity struggles to keep secrets hidden, secrets that could potentially cost her- her life. Getting him to care and love was practically unachievable and non-existent until he met her… ​​Serenity has it all; beauty, brains and a bank account with more zeros than she knew what to do with. The fear of love forces her to use men for sex before tossing them aside.

Her wild behavior mirrors the pain she’s truly going through, the pain no one can understand, pain that is uncontrollable until she met him…​Love can be so beautiful yet painful in the same sense. Not even the slew of women he has encountered during the many rendezvous has the ability to shift his attention.

Inheriting the family business from his uncle, Kaotic becomes a self-made millionaire by producing the purest coke and skillfully smuggling them into the US without lifting a finger. The art of dealing the best quality drugs to the neediest crack head took patience, precision and street smarts qualities Kason “Kaotic” Lafleur had down pack.

The Real Dopeboyz of Dade County #ad - To him, if it didn’t make money it didn’t made sense. There is more to being a dope boy, a hood entrepreneur, than slanging dope. With a take charge attitude and boss mentality, the leader of the Dade County Goonz DCG, Kaotic, only concern is money. Kaotic struggles with the adjustment his heart forces him to make as he allows a broken woman into his life, one who is so harmless, but can potentially cause him and his organization so much damage.

Her life is goals to many except no one knows the demons she faces.


Hood Love and Loyalty Hood series Book 1

Griffin Premier Publications #ad - After her parents turn their backs on her she closes her heart to love and becomes determined to make something of herself despite her situation. Follow larissa and messiah on their journey of ups and downs as they fight for the love, loyalty and life they always wanted. Messiah is an up and coming boss in the streets.

Messiah’s lifestyle and desire for money brings jealousy, temptation, and violence threatening to ruin what he and Larissa are trying to build. Meet larissa Bradshaw, a strong-willed hardworking girl. Falling in love was never part of Larissa's plan, especially with a thug. She meets messiah “Money” Lawson and everything changes.

Hood Love and Loyalty Hood series Book 1 #ad - The two share an instant connection and can’t seem to get enough of each other. He’s a nigga that’s respected and feared by all. From the moment he first sees Larissa he has to have her.


Jealous : A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Mz. Lady P Presents, LLC #ad - The only thing that’s stopping him from running the city is his childhood friend Tray. Having run a successful drug ring in one of chicago’s roughest projects, ready to retire from the drug game, focus on his legal business ventures, he is now rich, and find the right queen for his empire. Unbeknownst to romell, Manny is about to get him involved in a territorial war.

When her best friend, catches the eye of one of the neighborhoods biggest bosses, Amari, she becomes fueled with jealousy and anger and sets out to hurt and destroy any and every one in her path. Amari, monique’s best friend, grew up sheltered by her parents and her only worry was bringing home good grades.

Tray walks into her life and sweeps her right off feet. Desperate to escape the poverty and projects, she is ready to score a baller who will rescue her from her hard knock life. After a devastating break up with her child’s father, she finds herself partying with Monique to cope with her pain. Meet monique, a product of her mom’s prostitution who was neglected at a young age and forced to use her body to fend for herself and her younger sister.

Jealous : A Thin Line Between Love and Hate #ad - Manny links up with his former cellmate, Romell, and plot to become the biggest dope boy Chicago has ever seen. Oblivious to his thuggish lifestyle, she gets involved in a whirlwind of events that will drastically change her life. Can manny execute his plan and take over the city? will tray be able to retire or will his need for retaliation cause him to stay in the game until it’s too late? Will Monique find the boss she’s looking for or will jealousy and greed be her ultimate downfall?Come with these intriguing characters on a roller coaster ride through the hoods of Chicago as their worlds collide and jealous ways force childhood friends to learn why it’s a thin line between love and hate!


The Real Dopeboyz of Dade County 2

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - Although, kaotic is doing everything in his power to deliver her, Serenity finds herself at the point of no return. The very thing you love can be the very thing that kills you… Kaotic understands this first hand as he find himself doing things out of the norm for Serenity putting himself at risk. The cosmic pull is not in kaotic and Serenity’s favor as they find themselves in a toxic situation with no way out.

. Except apart. Hitting rock bottom, Serenity puts everyone and everything she loves in jeopardy. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Kaotic decides that he's going to “fix” Serenity but unbeknownst to him, he causes more damage than he does good. At her all time low, serenity is forced to carry a child that she fear will end up like her.

The Real Dopeboyz of Dade County 2 #ad - After finding out that the woman that he loves is not only pregnant but has been dealing with a mental illness, Kaotic is forced to make a hard decision.


Hood Love and Loyalty 2 Hood Series

#ad - Hood Love and Loyalty 2 Hood Series #ad - It seems like their relationship is doomed to fail before it even really gets started. Especially with more enemies mounting against them and Money's rise to power as a kingpin. In this second installment, follow the couple as they grow into their new roles and become the people they're destined to be. Money and larissa have dealt with some of the fallout that comes with the street life.

Will love and loyalty conquer and win out over those trying to tear the two apart? Or will the streets prevail? The question is whether or not they're better off together or apart.


The Real Dopeboyz of Dade County 3

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - She can no longer run around causing havoc and drama to those closest to her after God gave her another chance at life. With nothing left, Serenity does the unthinkable. A once burning romance comes to an abrupt end. N kaotic's mind, seeing Serenity's lifeless body on the cold, dirty floor put him at ease. Turning back Kaotic helps Serenity vowing this was his final time.

Stripped of everything; her children, the love of her life and her bestfriend, Serenity is forced to reevaluate her life. Will they be able to work through their issues? Or will history repeats itself leaving them both devastated? With her gone she could no longer hurt their children by being an absent parent.

As bad as he wanted to, He couldn't. Will they be able to heal from all the hurt and choas? or will this be the end to a beautiful yet painful relationship?Gabby has it all, the dance studio and man of her dreams, but when insecurites get the best her she indulges in an act that will tear everything she built apart.

The Real Dopeboyz of Dade County 3 #ad - Snowman has thrown in his player cards to be with Gabby; however, Gabby's inability to trust him drives a wedge between them making it hard for the new couple to move past their problems. Telling them their mother died versus her being strung out on drugs felt better; however, his heart wouldn't allow him to leave her.

Secrets are revealed that will force both Serenity and Kaotic apart in order to work on themselves as individuals.