Slavery By Another Name

PBS 24185266 - Slavery by another name challenges one of americas most cherished assumptions the belief that slavery in the US ended with Abraham Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation by telling the harrowing story of how in the South, a new system of involuntary servitude took its place with shocking force. Shrink-wrapped.

African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross

PBS 28937265 - Explore with Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. And religious and social perspectives they developed forging their own history, as well as the multiplicity of cultural institutions, political strategies, the evolution of the African-American people, culture and society against unimaginable odds. Shrink-wrapped.

Reconstruction: The Second Civil War - American Experience

PBS 2295250 - Spanning the years from 1863 to 1877, this dramatic mini-series recounts the tumultuous post-Civil War years. Stories of key political players in Washington are interwoven with those of ordinary people caught up in the turbulent social and political struggles of Reconstruction. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

America was grappling with rebuilding itself, with bringing the South back into the Union, and with how best to offer citizenship to former slaves.

Slavery and the Making of America DVD

PBS Distribution - Shrink-wrapped. The remarkable stories of individual slaves offer fresh perspectives on the slave experience. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. A documentary of the history of american slavery from its beginnings in the British colonies through the years of post-Civil War Reconstruction, this series examines the integral role slavery played in shaping the new country and challenges the long held notion that it was exclusively a Southern enterprise.

Eyes on The Prize: America's Civil Rights Years 1954-1965

PBS 6633059 - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Winner of numerous awards, Eyes on the Prize is the most critically acclaimed documentary on civil rights in America. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Eyes on the prize tells the definitive story of the civil rights era from the point of view of the ordinary men and women whose extraordinary actions launched a movement that changed the fabric of American life, and embodied a struggle whose reverberations continue to be felt today.

Up From Slavery

Mill Creek Entertainment 52421 - Shrink-wrapped. Aftermath of the Civil War and new freedom. Filled with interviews and reenactments from renowned historians and experts. The civil War. Shrink-wrapped. Brand new documentary event exclusively available from Mill Creek Entertainment, this big-budget project is produced by award-winning documentarians, Lionheart Filmworks.

Shrink-wrapped. Abolition from the North grows. Nat turner s Rebellion, 1831. The dramatic story of black slavery in america from the first arrival of African slaves at Jamestown in 1619 to the Civil War and the ratification of the 15th Amendment in 1870 which prohibits the government from denying a citizen the vote based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude i.

Up From Slavery - E. Slavery - the third of the Reconstruction Amendments which finally ended the legitimacy of Slavery in the United States. 1619 virginia - the First African Slaves arrive. Shrink-wrapped. Emancipation Proclamation. Top quality, manufactured by MILL CREEK. Part number: 52421. 18th century colonial America and Slavery under the rule of the British Empire.

Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise DVD

PBS 42926460 - Embarks on a deeply personal journey through the last fifty years of African American history. Joined by leading scholars, and a dynamic cast of people who shaped these years, Gates travels from the victories of the civil rights movement up to today, celebrities, asking profound questions about the state of black America and our nation as a whole.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Top quality, manufactured by MILL CREEK. Part number: 52421. Shrink-wrapped. In this series, henry louis gates, black america since mlK: AND STILL I RISE, Jr.

Aftershock: Beyond The Civil War DVD

A&E Home Video 2253719 - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Top quality, manufactured by MILL CREEK. Part number: 52421. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. This unparalleled program provides a revealing look at the true horror of the civil war aftermath & tells a story which, until now, has largely gone untold.

Africa's Great Civilizations DVD

PBS 43380872 - Shrink-wrapped. Takes a look at the history of Africa, from the birth of humankind to the dawn of the 20th century. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. This is a journey through two hundred thousand years of history, of art, on the African continent, and civilization itself, writing, from the origins, through the millennia in which Africa and Africans shaped not only their own rich civilizations, but also the wider world.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Top quality, manufactured by MILL CREEK. Part number: 52421. Henry louis Gates, Jr.

American Experience: The Abolitionists

PBS 26172193 - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Men and women, black and white, northerners and Southerners, poor and wealthythese passionate anti-slavery activists fought body and soul in the most important civil rights crusade in American history. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. What began as a pacifist movement fueled by persuasion and prayer became a fiery and furious struggle that forever changed the nation.

The abolitionists tore the nation apart in order to create a more perfect union. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Top quality, manufactured by MILL CREEK. Part number: 52421. Shrink-wrapped.

I Am Not Your Negro

Magnolia Home Entertainment - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. It is a film that questions black representation in Hollywood and beyond. Master filmmaker raoul Peck envisions the book James Baldwin never finished, Remember This House. And, ultimately, by confronting the deeper connections between the lives and assassination of Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.

Baldwin and peck have produced a work that challenges the very definition of what America stands for. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. The result is a radical, up-to-the-minute examination of race in America, using Baldwin's original words and flood of rich archival material. Shrink-wrapped. I am not your negro is a journey into black history that connects the past of the Civil Rights movement to the present of #BlackLivesMatter.

I Am Not Your Negro - Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Top quality, manufactured by MILL CREEK. Part number: 52421. Shrink-wrapped.