Rainbow God

7 Mountain Publishing - . Whether you're a lifelong believer or hardly ever given Him much thought, Rainbow God will give you a fresh perspective and maybe even an experience with Him that you never knew you could have. Boring. There are a lot of lies about Him in this world, even in the church. Well, he isn't who you thought He was.

Uninterested in your passions. Irrelevant to culture. What comes to mind when you think of God? If you've ever thought of Him as distant.

Seven Mountain Renaissance: Vision and Strategy through 2050

Whitaker House - We have entered an “era of renaissance” that will not be complete until the nature and character of the invisible God are made visible in the world through the influence of His ambassadorial children. The first renaissance in history showcased the achievements of man, but this new Renaissance will display the brilliance and works of God for the whole world to see.

What is your part in this new renaissance? which Mountain is your primary realm of influence? As this extraordinary Renaissance progresses, you will carry God’s life-changing truth and light to transform the world. There will be such an increase in the knowledge of God and His ways that life on earth will be changed forever.

Now, he reveals the sweeping changes he expects to take place over the next several decades in each of these spheres as he unveils his vision and strategy through 2050 . In his first two “seven mountain” books, education, government, the seven Mountain Prophecy and The Seven Mountain Mantle, Johnny Enlow showed how Christians are called to manifest the kingdom of God in the seven primary spheres of society: religion, economy, family, media, and celebration/arts.

Seven Mountain Renaissance: Vision and Strategy through 2050 - By 2050, loving church with a hope-filled worldview will be globally advancing, an on-fire, walking in unprecedented signs and wonders and supernatural manifestations of power. You are living in a new era history’s greatest Renaissance—a spiritual one—is now unfolding. Many nations on earth will walk in a high level of national transformation.

The Seven Mountain Mantle: Receiving the Joseph Anointing to Reform Nations

Creation House - Instead of the global meltdown seen in today’s society, the Lord promises to send His grace on our nation, other nations, and the church. In this follow-up to his first release, enlow explains how god revealed His plan to raise up “Josephs”--sons and daughters who would bear His favor, The Seven Mountain Prophecy, or sectors, and reclaim the seven mountains, dream His dreams, of society for His glory.

. Enlow proceeds to explains to readers what they will have to do to become one of these “Josephs” and how they can discern the role God desires them to play in His vision for the days to come.

The Seven Mountain Prophecy: Unveiling the Coming Elijah Revolution

Creation House - God is preparing a spiritual tsunami to sweep the nations and reclaim our culture for Christ, says author Johnny Enlow. Each chapter that follows provides intensive, detailed study of each “mountain” of influence, how it will be taken and by whom, and what resistance will be encountered by individuals assigned to claim this mountain.

. Readers will come to understand that this favor is divinely strategic and corresponds to the place of each person’s ministry assignment. The purpose of this book is to draw the church’s attention to these areas; help each individual determine his or her specific assignment in this mission; and then to offer insight into the nature of the battles involved in this “spiritual tsunami, ” as the author calls it.

Many christians do not grasp that god’s favor for us to succeed is already upon us and is part of His end-time strategy to establish Jesus as Ruler of the Nations before His return. Many have a spiritual poverty vision and poor eschatology, two factors that have robbed us of our blessing and caused us to fail to reclaim cultural influences for Christ.

The Seven Mountain Prophecy: Unveiling the Coming Elijah Revolution - The book is laid out to address these two misunderstandings, with the first several chapters specifically aimed at correcting lack of vision and misguided understanding of the end times. He describes seven culture-shaping areas of influence over each society—media, education, government, family, economy, religion, and celebration arts and entertainment—that are the keys to taking a nation for the kingdom of God.

The Book of Isaiah: The Vision The Passion Translation

Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC - With panoramic insight, the bride of Christ, Isaiah preaches about the virgin birth of Christ, and the New Jerusalem. This vision spans the ages and touches every nation on earth, becoming a collective overview of all that God has planned. The prophecies are vast and their grand themes are unrivaled in all of Scripture.

The poetic message of Isaiah is one of victory, comfort, hope, and restoration of all things. These prophecies also present a description of the cataclysmic judgments, the survival of a holy remnant emerging in Zion, and the canopy of glory that is coming to earth. Explore the vision of a man who saw the glory of God and spoke with burning lips, for true prophetic ministry flows from this “vision” until it grows into a burden.

The Book of Isaiah: The Vision The Passion Translation - The book of isaiah is an enormous collection of prophecies described as “The Vision. It is not simply a teaching or a historical record; it is the overarching vision of the heart of God revealed to His seer-prophet. You are about to enter a vision-zone of heaven descending upon the earth unveiled before Isaiah, the first of the prophets, the prophet of Zion.

Invading Babylon: The 7 Mountain Mandate

Destiny Image - Become an unstoppable citizen in God’s Kingdom. As christians have tried to keep culture out of the church, unfortunately, the church has kept itself out of the culture. Release god’s will in your sphere of influence. Six revolutionary voices in the modern church deliver Invading Babylon. This was never jesus’ design for the your life! before church was established as a place that people “came to, ” Jesus instituted it as an army that brought transformation to society, media, family, education, starting with salvation and continuing with seven spheres of influence: Church, arts, government, and commerce.

This essential guide will equip you to: Understand your vital role in shaping society. You were transformed to transform your world! For too long, Christianity has been defined by a false concept of church. As a result, believers have built walls around their lives, keeping culture at a distance. It’s your time to arise and be a light in a dark world.

Decree: A thing an it shall be established

XP Publishing - Patricia king's decreE book has always been one of her most popular resources. Filled with powerful decrees from Scripture, it puts the Word of God to work in your life. When you start declaring these decrees in the key areas of your life, health, marriage, wealth, get ready for the Kingdom to come and your breakthrough to manifest, rejuvenation, prosperity, victory, grace, because God's Word never returns void and it accomplishes all it is sent to do! Areas of decree include favor, wisdom, business, blessing, family, glory, and many more!.

Becoming A Super Hero: A Pocket Guide to a Life Like David

7 Mountain Publishing - Just like david, god wants to help you overcome all that hinders you from discovering the superhero that lives in you. By overcoming the personal lies of rejection and insignificance that could have easily held him back, David was prepared to deal with Goliath through the supernatural power of God within him.

He faced many trials and tribulations throughout his life, as many of us do. After each chapter, you will have access to a scannable QR code that will take you to a short video of the author sharing more teaching on the previously read chapter. Have you ever wondered if there's more to life than you're presently experiencing? Becoming a Superhero: A Pocket Guide to a Life Like David is an easy read, yet full of profound and unique insights into the life of David.

Becoming A Super Hero: A Pocket Guide to a Life Like David - Despite his own fears and shortcomings, God used David to silence the giant that locked down an entire nation in terror. A great free gift that comes along with this book! .

Poverty, Riches and Wealth: Moving from a Life of Lack into True Kingdom Abundance

Chosen Books - And what he finds is sure to shake up what you thought you knew--including these surprising truths:· Jesus was not poor and homeless· Heaven is described in the language of wealth· Poverty is a mindset that holds us back from true wealth· You determine your wealth based on how much, and how well, you love yourself· God wants all his children to be wealthy, though not everyone should be richKingdom prosperity begins from the inside out.

Some pastors use it to tell their congregations that God will make them all rich, rich, rich! Others spurn the word and insist that true Christlikeness is found in forsaking all worldly riches and possessions. The truth is, both are right--and both are wrong. With refreshing honesty, bestselling author and pastor Kris Vallotton mines the Scriptures in an eye-opening study of what the Bible really says about money, and keen insight, riches, poverty, humor, and wealth.

Poverty, Riches and Wealth: Moving from a Life of Lack into True Kingdom Abundance - When you learn to cultivate a mindset of abundance, no matter your circumstances, you will begin to experience the wealth of heaven in every area of your life. Overcoming the never-Enough Mentality to Experience True Kingdom AbundanceProsperity. It's one of the most dividing words in the church.

Conquering the Religious Spirit

GateKeepers International, Incorporated - The religious spirit can steal your joy, quench your gifts, silence your voice and destroy your relationships. Often working as a counterfeit to the Holy Spirit, territorial, family, the religious spirit is the greatest threat we face to personal, national and global revival. This book will help you recognize the warning signs of a religious spirit at work and provide the tools you need to defeat it within yourself and to help others walk in enduring freedom.

Despite all this, christians tend to underestimate or misunderstand the pervasive damage this spirit can cause both in the Church and their own lives - mainly because, until recently, in-depth teaching has been hard to come by. If you are ready to conquer the enemy's work against your life and are eager to experience new joy and freedom in your Christian walk, this book is for you!

Conquering the Religious Spirit - It is one of the enemy's most trustworthy cohorts in derailing Christians from God's path holding them down in mindsets of complacency, legalism, control, pride and hypocrisy.

Freedom from the Religious Spirit

Chosen Books - We witnessed the spirit of religion when the Pharisees failed to recognize the coming of the Christ. Today, the spirit of religion can be so subtle that we are unaware of its impact, instead being deceived into believing that God is directing us. Only when we recognize the hold that this counterfeit religion has over Christianity can we be freed to experience the transformation of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in the heart of the church.

Peter wagner and other dynamic Christian leaders as they unveil the dark influence of the spirit of religion. Composed of archaic traditions and obsolete practices, and masterminded by the enemy of our souls, the spirit of religion seeks to keep individual believers and the corporate church stagnant and unaware of the call of the Holy Spirit for change.