In Love with A Street Princess

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - Life had always been tough for the beautiful Zaire Cole and her twin brothers, Deshawn and Desmond Cole. That was up until zaire got a little older, and her brothers realized that they could use her beauty to make a quick come up. Being a street princess was all fun and games until Zaire meets Mase and soon falls in love.

Imagine growing up without your father in the household and having a mother that abuses drugs. Will the street princess choose the street life that she was raised by over love? Or will she be able to balance both, without disappointing the people that she loves? Soon after, everything goes down the hill, and a tragic event causes havoc.

In Love with A Street Princess #ad - Zaire is stuck between both worlds and at the end, she will have to decide which side she is rolling with. Everything is going good for a minute; that was until her brother starts feeling betrayed and invites an outsider into the family business. Mase comes from a different background and is ready to show Zaire the world, if only she would let him.


Bria & Justice: An Unexpected Love

SP/Racquel Williams Presents #ad - She has a chance meeting with a new love interest named Justice and to her surprise, she was excited to be back in the dating game. Childhood friends, sabria Jameson and Chrystie Jones, both have given up on love for several reasons. She always dreamed of finding a man who possessed the qualities of love, honesty and loyalty, but that dream never came true until now; or so she thought.

Chrystie believed that she was content with not having the desire to commit to another man until she meets Matthew. He makes her feel as if she has everything a woman could want, except a man of her own being that he belongs to someone else. She soon finds solace in men that belong to other women; loving the idea of having control in the relationships with no strings attached.

Bria & Justice: An Unexpected Love #ad - Will she ever find her happy ever after? Or will she be left with a crushing blow on her path of devastating consequences? Sabria, who decides to just focus on her stressful job as a social worker for the Department of Child Protective Services, vows to never entertain the idea of being in another relationship.

Will sabria discover that forgiveness is the key to true love? Or will she just walk away content with another failed relationship?Chrystie, on the other hand, finds herself no longer interested in being committed to anyone. She decides to run from the pain of her broken past of failed relationships.


Wifed Up by A cold Hearted Hustla

Talehia Presents #ad - Only she got more than she bargained for. Tall, handsome, dark, and paid. Thinking all women are the same, until he runs into a striking beauty at the club. Taking each other for a surprise, they both tried something out of their element only to yearn for the feelings they felt that night. Bodies will drop, and family will turn to foe and they will be left with one question, blood will shed, will Kojo and Tajanai’s love remain the same after the dust settles? .

With more popularity, and the ones closest betray him, more women that flock, but he handles it accordingly. Putting them behind him, he ventures out to do something he’s always wanted to do, produce music. Finally acting on what they feel for each other, they decide to take a step further than what was supposed to be a one-time thing.

Wifed Up by A cold Hearted Hustla #ad - Kojo is no stranger to drama, so when chaos ignites, he goes back in guns blazing. Kojo was every woman’s dream and had been since he’d been in the streets. Heading back to her hometown with her best friend, she finishes her career goals and celebrates a night out with her best friend in hopes to try something spontaneous.

Only problem is, just when janai thought her life was going great, a blast from the past decide to wreak havoc on her new journey. Tajanai “janai” had been through nothing but heartbreak for the last few years. Not only does he start to produce, but he becomes a popular producer in the music industry.


You Not Just My Love You My Homie: Promise and Destined

David Weaver Presents #ad - If any of you hoes try to come for my crown it’s straight to the throat. Promise had everything her parents money could buy. Any man can be a king he just needed the right queen on his throne. Jay-z rapped about a hard knock life but destined lived it. There will be people that set out to break a bond. Love was only made for fools.

Well that’s what real ones do. What started out just a friendship quickly turned into more. Abuse and abandonment was what destined thought love was supposed to be. Plenty of bonds are broken everyday but will this bond be strong enough to go through the storm? Promise learned at a early age that love wasn’t what was in their pockets but what was in their heart.

You Not Just My Love You My Homie: Promise and Destined #ad - I’m posed up on his throne. Winter santana ain’t have nothing on her. The original street heiress. Rich in material but humble in heart. No one knows how I made it. When you partner isn’t just your love but also your homie. Since a king needs a queen.


The Plug and His First Lady : A Hood Romance

Mz. Lady P Presents, LLC #ad - He didn’t want to be in the game but played it so well. Keyshia does that plus more until Kahleel and TuQuise show up and show out. Yet instead of being her light he was the dark past in rare form. Nasia grier had been through a lot in her young years but meeting Devon Murda Waters was supposed to change that.

When he is finally handed the keys to the drug empire he is caught between that and building the airline he had always dreamed about. Meeting nasia brings out the beast in him but also the man and he promises to get out the game for her. When murda gets jammed up nasia meets the real reason he never gave her his all in the form of Kimora Waters, his wife.

The Plug and His First Lady : A Hood Romance #ad - After being put out of their home and sent back to the slums Nasia isn’t done with the drama from her past. All he wanted was his first lady and to live like the president, but the Hood might have other plans. When she loses the biggest part of her she has to lean on the shoulder of her best friend of years Keyshia in hopes she could hold her down.

Keyshia tries to be there for Nasia but has fallen for TuQuise and for once takes that chance. Kahleel cruz williams was the plug everybody wanted to be but hated to see. When word gets out that murda is out and wants his family back Cruz has to go back to his old ways to show niggas that aint nothing changed.


Captivated By A Kingpin's Charm

Talehia Presents #ad - After being taken under the wing of a powerful man, to become his protégé, his life changed drastically. He had never heard the word, “no, ” until he met his match in Ka’Nija. Both jetari and ka’nija have been through tragedies at a young age and did the unthinkable to make it out. Jetari was young, ruthless, but could charm a grandmother out of her last dollar, with just his presence.

Ka’nija was forced to grow up at an early age, and had to become accustomed to being responsible at a young age. Despite meeting under the unfortunate circumstances, they instantly feel a magnifying connection to each other. Or will someone’s bag of secrets outweigh the other causing a diversion between them?

They both have skeletons buried deep in their closets. Wherever ka’nija turns, tragedy seems to follow, causing her to make sacrifices in order to get to where she wanted to be. Once upon a time, jetari “Yayo” Riley, was apart of the infamous Mahogany Clique. Captivated means attract, or to hold attention of.

Captivated By A Kingpin's Charm #ad - With more money there came more problems, and he learned that the hard way. After skeleton’s start to appear from thin air, putting the truth front and center will these two be able to let the past be the past and move on as a unit. In this crazy love story, you’ll meet Ka’Nija “Noochie” Taylor, who is far from an ordinary teenager.


Cuffed by A Young Savage

SP/Racquel Williams Presents, LLC #ad - Cuffed by A Young Savage #ad - Monica carter was a young savage that was brought up with the finer things in life. There was a fire that ignited between them and no cost could put it out. She had two parents that worshipped her, but life is filled with twists and turns! An unexpected loss brought a new person into the picture. A young, handsome man, filled with wonder; Charles Johnson.

Will their secrets wreak havoc on an already troubled family? Can their love stand the obstacles it caused? Enjoy this rollercoaster ride entitled Cuffed by A Young Savage.


Lil Mama Fell for A Street King

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - When he comes across the beautiful, kameryn, one time and this time, Destiny has a way of answering your prayers and that’s exactly what happens to Kameryn. Paris doesn’t need a man to validate her. But what paris doesn’t know is that Prix has a trophy wife at home, who will do anything to keep him in her life.

But just like happiness happens, so does sadness. However, brick can’t do all that needs for Kameryn with a wife hanging on his coattail. But only someone with little faith would believe that Fate isn’t existent but Brick isn’t. After all the things, she’s been through, Kameryn Alexander wants nothing more than the love of a man but life just doesn’t seem to work in her favor.

Every morning, she gets validation that’s she’s beautiful when she looks in the mirror. Until she bumps into bri’khyl “brick” cooper, timid, who wants nothing but to show the shy, beautiful girl that she deserves love but Kameryn isn’t open to seeing the truth. Sadness plagued both kameryn and Bri’Khyl but the motives behinds it, is whats heart breaking.

Lil Mama Fell for A Street King #ad - While, sadness plagued the couple, Paris and Prix are experiencing drama from lies and deceit that Prix brought into their crumbling relationship. With secrets, lies and deceit surfacing right before their eyes, Brick and Prix must protect the women they love when they realize that trouble isn’t too far behind.

But compliments go a long way, when Prix pulls her to the side to have a conversation that leads to more than conversation.


Cuffed by A New York Gangsta

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - Born and raised in pecan acres, a rundown housing project in the 5th Ward area of Petersburg, VA. She was forced to grow up fast. Young mia gets so caught up in the fast life, she becomes oblivious to the fact that the streets are a dangerous and no place for a young woman. Things seems to take a drastic turn when she fell for Blacc, a New York gangsta.

. She’s unaware that he has secrets of his own, that he’s not prepared to share. With his fine self and long pockets, it didn’t take long for Mia to fall in love with him, securing her spot in his life. Using her voluptuous body and her beast mentality, she was able to snatch a few of the area’s hottest dope boys while trying to survive.

Cuffed by A New York Gangsta #ad - She quickly puts her devious plan into motion, to get rid of anything or anyone that stands in the way of her securing the bag. Secrets will be revealed. Mia jones is no stranger to the struggle. Mia will get the shock of her life when all the players are disclosed, and her heart isn’t prepared to deal with all the drama unfolding.

Tyan coley is in every sense, a savage with deadly intentions and is not up to sharing her man. Hearts will be broken and blood will shed as these two women fight to secure the bag and win the heart of this New York gangsta.


The Fetti Girls 1-3

Lock Down Publications #ad - Will rich become another victim of black barbee and her crew? or will his intoxicating swag and powerful love break through and force Black Barbee to abandon her plan to have him laid down and robbed for his whole stash? When well-laid plans unravel, blood and tears will be shed and sisterly bonds could be broken forever, as the most conniving woman to ever rock a skirt must decide if her love for the fetti outweighs the love that's blossoming in her heart.

Synopsis 2after a frightening close call with death, BLACQUE BARBEE wants to leave the game for good and start a new life with COREY. Synopsis 1blaque barbee is every hustler's desire. But, no matter how cool and resourceful barbee tries to be, she's about to find out the true meaning of BLOODY MONEY and the consequences of being one of THE FETTI GIRLS.

The Fetti Girls 1-3 #ad - Synopsis 3the fetti girls' audacious leader, is up against her strongest test yet, BLACQUE BARBEE, and the outcome seems all but destined. With the odds stacked against her, will the most savage chick of them all find a way out of this predicament?Blacque Barbee's man, COREY, and a sentence of life in prison hanging over her head, is still missing.

All rich wants to do is love her and provide her with anything and everything her heart desires. When unforeseen circumstances come knocking on Barbee's door, she must answer them emphatically or end up in somebody's morgue. Most men want to sex her, many want to wife her.


I Left My Heart in The Hood

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - Ever since she was a child, she had the biggest crush on Bishop’s older brother, Elijah. Though torn apart physically, the two stay in touch. The truth about her daughter’s existence. She is torn apart from the only one who ever cared about her heart, her best friend Bishop Houston. Karyn “karie” Ward is no stranger to love lost.

When you want something in your life as bad as Karie wants it, you have no choice but to leave your heart behind in search of the truth. Her entire life has been one spiraling turn of drastic events after the other. Her pain would no longer be a secret, and soon the entire world was about to know the bad decisions she’d made.

When your own mother doesn’t believe the pain that you’re experiencing under her roof, who else do you turn to? Who else will be your shoulder to cry on?After losing her brother by the hands of her step father, Karie’s world changes drastically. The pain she endured. Reuniting with her past proves to be difficult.

I Left My Heart in The Hood #ad - . When given the opportunity to confront him about her feelings again, she didn’t waste any time, or spare the feelings of the unexpected woman in his life. As an aspiring author, karie is excited but reluctant to accept the opportunity of a lifetime to star in a reality television show called The Real Authors of Urban Fiction.

It isn’t until she is nineteen that the two reunite.