Improving Healthcare Through Advocacy

Wiley - Praise for improving healthcare through advocacy a guide for the Health and Helping Professions "Bruce Jansson's thoughtful and innovative book will appeal to students in social work, nursing, and public health as well as those working in the health field of practice. A needed book. Laura weil, lcsw director, health advocacy program Sarah Lawrence College "Improving Healthcare Through Advocacy is an invaluable resource for practitioners working in the healthcare field as well as for students.

Jansson uses an intervention framework to illustrate how everyone in the healthcare system can advocate effectively, not just for better healthcare delivery to individual clients but for the necessary policy change that will deliver long- term solutions to our nation's healthcare crisis as well. This is by far the best advocacy book I have seen.

Gary rosenberg, phd director, division of social work and Behavioral Science Mount Sinai School of Medicine "Improving Healthcare Through Advocacy is a terrific description of opportunities for advocacy intervention and provides the skill sets necessary for effective advocacy. The case examples are extraordinary, and Jansson provides the ideas, context, and theoretical base for readers to acquire the skills of advocacy in healthcare.

Improving Healthcare Through Advocacy - Improving healthcare through advocacy provides professionals with: tools to move from traditional services to case advocacy and policy advocacy tasks Over 100 case studies from the perspective of patients, healthcare providers, and others who relate the experiences they have encountered in the healthcare system and share the wisdom they have learned Practical tips on how to provide effective advocacy and bring about positive and long-term change in this complex environment.

It very thoroughly covers healthcare advocacy issues, contains real-world case examples, and provides a clear, step-by-step framework for practicing advocacy. Kimberly campbell, department of social work ball state university An important resource for all who strive for the best in healthcare treatment for their patients, themselves, ACSW, LCSW Lecturer, and the nation Bestselling author and award-winning researcher Bruce S.

Essentials of Patient Education

Jones & Bartlett Learning - The text features completely revised chapter content and updated references that provide evidence from research and theoretical foundations which substantiate content throughout the text. Key features:coverage of health literacychapters dedicated to gender, socioeconomics, culture and persons with disabilitiesDiscussion of compliance and motivation issuesIncludes the determinants of learning which captures critical information on the learnerCase studies offer the opportunity to apply the teaching and learning principles featured in the chapterInstructor Resources:Lecture outlines in PowerPoint formatLearning ActivitiesAssessments.

Highly revised, the second edition focuses on the basic principles of teaching and learning by emphasizing the role of the professional nurse in educating patients and families effectively and efficiently in various healthcare settings. Each new print copy includes navigate 2 advantage Access that unlocks a comprehensive and interactive eBook, a full suite of instructor resources, student practice activities and assessments, and learning analytics reporting tools.

Essentials of Patient Education - Essentials of patient education, Second Edition prepares nurses for their increasing role in patient teaching, health education and health promotion. The second edition explores new topics of motor learning and gender differences in the brain as well as, the ethics of patient education and the legal role of the nurse as mandated by state practice.

You Bet Your Life!: The 10 Mistakes Every Patient Makes

DiagKNOWsis Media - But once she figured out how to maneuver through the healthcare system, she instead “recovered” quite nicely. Today she writes and speaks internationally on patient empowerment and advocacy topics, teaching the lessons and skills she learned to patients who need them. You bet your life! will empower you with the tools and confidence you need to find your best medical outcomes.

This description is for the new edition published in 2013 which includes updates and revisions for the Affordable Care Act –Obamacare. Does your doctor rush through appointments, or why we see ads on tv for drugs we patients can’t purchase without a prescription? do you wish you could simply get the medical care you need, when you need it, like millions do each year? Do you wonder why people get sicker from the drugs they take, leaving you with questions? Do you have trouble finding doctors who will coordinate your care? Have you been told your undiagnosed symptoms are all in your head? Have you suffered from a medical error, effectively and efficiently? You Bet Your Life! The 10 Mistakes Every Patient Makes provides the answers to these challenges and more.

You Bet Your Life!: The 10 Mistakes Every Patient Makes - Part exposé and part toolkit, You Bet Your Life! explains why the system is so dysfunctional and how that hurts patients. Trisha Torrey knows the dysfunction well. Then you’ll find tactics you can use to get the help you or a loved one needs. Diagnosed with an aggressive, terminal form of cancer and told she had only a few months to live, she made plenty of mistakes herself at first.

You’ll read true stories shared by people like you who have suffered from substandard care.

Storied Health and Illness: Communicating Personal, Cultural, and Political Complexities

Waveland Press, Inc. - Unique narrative approaches to the study of health communication include: 14 chapters written by 22 contributors who use engaging stories from their own research or personal experience to introduce and ground foundational communication concepts in healthcare, organizational wellness, community support, health promotion, and other health-related sites of interest.

Comprehensive content reflects the editors' substantial research in integrative health, narrative care, healthcare, and innovative ways of improving well-being and quality of life in personal relationships, the workplace, and community settings. For all of us, communicating about health and illness requires a continuous negotiation of these complexities and a delicate balance between what we learn about the biology of disease from providers and our own very personal, subjective experiences of being ill.

Storied Health and Illness: Communicating Personal, Cultural, and Political Complexities - Storied health and illness brings together dozens of noteworthy scholars, analyze, both established and emerging, in a provocative collection that embraces narrative ways of knowing to think about, behaviors, and reconsider our own and others' health beliefs, and communication.36 health communication in action hcia sidebars that highlight applied research of innovative health communication scholars in their own words and then prompt readers to think more deeply about their own perspectives and experiences.

Theorizing practice boxes that encourage readers to reflect on stories that describe significant experiences in their own and others lives as they consider assumptions and enlarge their viewpoints in previously unimagined ways. Titles of related interest also available from Waveland Press: Geist-Martin et al.

Health communication: theory and practice, cultural, communicating health: Personal, and Political Complexities ISBN 9781577667445 and Kreps-Thornton, Second Edition ISBN 9780881336436. Health and illness are storied experiences that necessarily entail personal, cultural, and political complexities.

Communicating Health: A Culture-centered Approach

Polity - The discussions in the book situate health communication within local contexts by looking at identities, meanings and experiences of health among community members, and locating them in the realm of the structures that constitute health. Ultimately, the book provides theoretical and practical suggestions for developing a culture-centred understanding of health communication processes.

The culturecentred approach foregrounds the voices of cultural members in the co-constructions of health risks and in the articulation of health problems facing communities. The culture-centred approach offered in this book argues that communication theorizing ought to locate culture at the centre of the communication process such that the theories are contextually embedded and co-constructed through dialogue with the cultural participants.

You Bet Your Life! The Top 10 Reasons You Need a Professional Patient Advocate by Your Side: Get the Healthcare You Need and Deserve You Bet Your Life Books

DiagKNOWsis Media - They send you for so many tests; do you really need them all? • what happens if you are misdiagnosed or there is a mistake in your care? • And the cost… We know we are paying so much more for care than we ever did before! Is it possible to get the care we need at a price we can afford? Enter professional patient advocates; independent, empathetic, capable navigators and negotiators.

People who can help you get the care you want and need while keeping your costs under control. You don’t have enough time to get your questions answered! • None of your doctors talk to each other. No one coordinates your care. And there are better and more effective ways than others to find the right one for you.

You Bet Your Life! The Top 10 Reasons You Need a Professional Patient Advocate by Your Side: Get the Healthcare You Need and Deserve You Bet Your Life Books - There are at least 10 reasons you need a private, professional advocate. Learn more about the reasons and approach for improving your care and its cost in this second book of the You Bet Your Life! series. The healthcare system has become almost unrecognizable: • Your doctor spends so little time with you.

Family Policy and the American Safety Net Contemporary Family Perspectives CFP

SAGE Publications, Inc - This book argues that family policy is as important as economic and defense policy to the future of the nation, social policy, a message that is relevant to students in the social sciences, and social work as well as to the public at large. Sage publications Inc. In america, this means that child care, the quality of neighborhood schools, health care, Social Security, housing, unemployment insurance, and anti-discrimination and immigration measures are all key elements of a de facto family policy.

Yet many students and citizens are unaware of the history and importance of these programs. Government programs provide a safety net against the new risks of modern life. Family policy and the American Safety Net shows how families adapt to economic and demographic change. Family policy includes any public program that helps families perform their four universal obligations of caregiving, income provision, shelter, and transmission of citizenship.

The Patient Advocate's Handbook 300 Questions And Answers To Help You Care For Your Loved One At The Hospital And At Home

Panglossian Press - This patientadvocate book discusses common situations created by illness and recoveryto offer relevant information when you need it, so your increased familiaritywith healthcare issues as an informed patient advocate will lead to betterresults for your loved one. Keep this handbook with you to optimize the hospitalstay and to have a more effective experience as an advocate and caregiver foryour loved one's healthcare at the hospital and at home.

James thomas Williams Sage publications Inc. Used book in Good Condition. I wrote the patient advocate's handbook, a content-rich, the patient advocate, quickreference patient advocacy book to offer you, conciseexplanations, options and suggestions, which will help you learn about andcope with many of the unfamiliar, easy-to-use, but common healthcare issues most patientadvocates and their families face at the hospital and at home.

Group Dynamics in Occupational Therapy: The Theoretical Basis and Practice Application of Group Intervention

Slack Incorporated - Sage publications Inc. A new chapter focusing on the recovery model and trauma-informed care suggests ways for occupational therapists to design group interventions within these broadly defined approaches. The settings for which students can design group interventions has been updated to include current and emerging practice settings.

Used book in Good Condition. Updated to meet the aota’s occupational therapy Practice Framework, Third Edition, this Fifth Edition provides guidelines for occupational therapy group design and leadership and guides application of theory-based groups. Cole’s 7-step format for occupational therapy group leadership provides a concrete, user-friendly learning experience for students to design and lead theory based groups.

In occupational therapy practice, well designed groups represent social and cultural contexts for occupational performance in everyday life. Group dynamics in occupational therapy: the Theoretical Basis and Practice Application of Group Intervention, the best-selling text for over 25 years by Marilyn B.

Group Dynamics in Occupational Therapy: The Theoretical Basis and Practice Application of Group Intervention - These are intended to provide both personal and professional growth, cultural competence, as well as a format for practice in group leadership, self-reflection, and community service learning. Instructors in educational settings can visit www. Efacultylounge. Com for additional material to be used for teaching in the classroom.

Medical Law and Ethics 5th Edition

Pearson - For all courses in medical law and/or ethics in programs for nurses, and all allied health care professions Complete, medical assistants, accessible, and up-to-date Written for health professionals of all kinds—not lawyers— Medical Law and Ethics covers the full spectrum of topics that affect practice.

Used book in Good Condition. Actual legal cases illuminate subjects ranging from patient confidentiality and abortion to death and dying. Each chapter contains glossary terms, exercises, and an actual case; appendices provide current sample codes of ethics. Fully updated coverage includes: the legal system, physician’s responsibilities, medical records, ethical and bioethical issues, professional liability and medical malpractice, and current regulations.

Medical Law and Ethics 5th Edition - Med tips provide quick scenarios and guidance about law and ethics. Sage publications Inc.

Occupational Therapy in Mental Health: A Vision for Participation

F.A. Davis Company - Addresses occupational therapy in a variety of practice settings for individuals from all cultures across the life span. Discusses non-diagnosis-based populations, such as the homeless, as well as the continuum of care from institution or hospital to the community. Used book in Good Condition. Uses the person-environment-occupation PEO model as a framework to promote the full participation in the lives of individuals with mental illness and those struggling with psychosocial issues related to their disabilities.

Features first-person “the lived experience, " narratives that give voice to the experience of living with a mental illness  Incorporates “Photo Voice” features, a blend of photography and personal stories that enable individuals to record their visions and experiences to promote dialogue about important issues.

Occupational Therapy in Mental Health: A Vision for Participation - Sage publications Inc. Offers extensive information on theory and evidence-based interventions Employs active learning strategies to facilitate the application of knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for mental health and psychosocial interventions. Addresses co-occurring conditions such as depression, substance abuse and spinal cord injury, stroke, and attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities.

Promotes best practices with “Evidence-Based Practice “boxes that synthesize significant research and implications for practice.