Applied Statistics for Business and Management using Microsoft Excel

Springer - Each chapter explains statistical formulas and directs the reader to use Excel commands to solve specific, easy-to-understand business problems. Practice problems are provided at the end of each chapter with their solutions. Applied business statistics for business and Management using Microsoft Excel is the first book to illustrate the capabilities of Microsoft Excel to teach applied statistics effectively.

It is a step-by-step exercise-driven guide for students and practitioners who need to master Excel to solve practical statistical problems in industry. If understanding statistics isn’t your strongest suit, you are not especially mathematically-inclined, or if you are wary of computers, this is the right book for you.

Applied Statistics for Business and Management using Microsoft Excel - Excel, a widely available computer program for students and managers, is also an effective teaching and learning tool for quantitative analyses in statistics courses. Its powerful computational ability and graphical functions make learning statistics much easier than in years past. However, applied business statistics for Business and Management capitalizes on these improvements by teaching students and practitioners how to apply Excel to statistical techniques necessary in their courses and workplace.

Applied Statistics in Business and Economics

McGraw-Hill Education BKAPPSTA5TH - Note: this is a standalone book and does not include Access Card/Code. Applied statistics in business and economics provides real meaning to the use of statistics in the real world by using real business situations and real data while appealing students to know the why rather than just the how. Four distinct objectives have been met to follow this premise: objective 1: communicate the meaning of variation in a business context Objective 2: Use Real Data and Real Business Applications Objective 3: Incorporate Current Statistical Practices and Offer Practical Advice Objective 4: Provide More In-Depth Explanation of the Why and Let the Software Take Care of the How The emphasis of the 5th edition remains the same: thinking about data, choosing appropriate analytic tools, using computers effectively, and recognizing limitations of statistics.

Regression Analysis: Understanding and Building Business and Economic Models Using Excel, Second Edition

Business Expert Press - The data used in the book are the kind of data managers are faced with in the real world. The technique of regression analysis is used so often in business and economics today that an understanding of its use is necessary for almost everyone engaged in the field. This book describes exactly how regression models are developed and evaluated.

Upon completion, the reader will be able to interpret the output of the regression models and evaluate the models for accuracy and shortcomings. This book covers essential elements of building and understanding regression models in a business/economic context in an intuitive manner. The book provides instructions and screen shots for using Microsoft Excel to build business/economic regression models.

Regression Analysis: Understanding and Building Business and Economic Models Using Excel, Second Edition - The book provides a non-theoretical treatment that is accessible to readers with even a limited statistical background.

Business Statistics: A First Course 7th Edition

Pearson - This brief version, created to fit the needs of a one-semester course, is part of the established Berenson/Levine series. Guided by principles set by major statistical and business science associations ASA and DSI, plus the authors’ diverse experiences, the Seventh Edition of Levine/Szabat/Stephan’s Business Statistics: A First Course continues to innovate and improve the way this course is taught to all students.

For one-semester business statistics courses. Personalize learning with mystatlab MyStatLab provides users with countless opportunities to practice, plus statistics-specific resources and tools that enhance students’ experience and comprehension. That package includes isbn-10:  0321847997/isbn-13:  9780321847997, isbn-10:  032184839x/isbn-13: 9780321848390 , and isbn-10:  032197901x//isbn-13:  9780321979018.

Business Statistics: A First Course 7th Edition - Note: you are purchasing a standalone product; MyStatLab does not come packaged with this content. Statistics is essential for all business majors, and this text helps students see the role statistics will play in their own careers by providing examples drawn from all functional areas of business. If you would like to purchase both the physical text and mystatlab search for ISBN-10:  0133956482/ISBN-13:  9780133956481.

Survey of Accounting Accounting I

South-Western College Pub - This edition also incorporates warren's metric Analysis to link transactions and management decisions to metrics that assess the financial condition and performance of businesses - demonstrating the impact of transactions and management decisions on the business. The book's unique framework illustrates the impact of transactions on financial statements without the use of detailed rules and procedures involving debits and credits.

Gain a solid overview of the basic topics of financial and managerial accounting using a unique Integrated Financial Statement Framework with SURVEY OF ACCOUNTING, 8E -- written specifically for readers who have no prior knowledge of accounting.

Social Statistics for a Diverse Society

SAGE Publications, Inc - The new edition of this bestselling text continues to emphasize intuition and common sense, while demonstrating the link between the practice of statistics and important social issues. Used book in Good Condition. The authors help students learn key sociological concepts through real research examples related to the dynamic interplay of race, gender, class, and other social variables.

Student Value Edition for Business Statistics: A First Course

Pearson - This is textbook only. Used book in Good Condition.

Health Care in 2020: Where Uncertain Reform, Bad Habits, Too Few Doctors and Skyrocketing Costs Are Taking Us

Dorsam Publishing - More than 50 percent of Americans are expected to have diabetes or prediabetes. By 2020: about 20 cents of every U. S. Nearly 40, 000 of the nation's doctors will have reached retirement age, contributing to an expected physician shortage of more than 90, 000. Average out-of-pocket medical costs are expected to consume 17 percent of household income for a family of four.

Health care in 2020 tells you what the health-care landscape will look like by the end of the decade and how to navigate it. Used book in Good Condition. A common rule of thumb is that health-care costs become a financial burden when they reach 10 percent of household income. In health care in 2020, award-winning veteran journalist Steve Jacob distills six years worth of research and reporting on health care policy, and reveals where health care is headed and what can be done to change its perilous course.

Health Care in 2020: Where Uncertain Reform, Bad Habits, Too Few Doctors and Skyrocketing Costs Are Taking Us - Dollar will be spent on health care. Health reform, often called Obamacare, may or may not survive legal challenges and the aftermath of the 2012 election. Health reform's major goal was to ensure everyone had affordable health insurance. Health care's most pressing problems: physician shortages; uncontrollable cost increases; widespread and poorly controlled chronic disease, and widespread medical treatment that does not benefit patients.

Used book in Good Condition.

Operations and Supply Chain Management

McGraw-Hill Education - The fifteenth edition of operations and Supply Chain Management provides well-balanced coverage of managing people and applying sophisticated technology to operations and supply chain management. Connect is the only integrated learning system that empowers students by continuously adapting to deliver precisely what they need, when they need it, and how they need it, so that your class time is more engaging and effective.

Used book in Good Condition. Resourceful companies today must successfully manage the entire supply flow, through the value-added processes of the firm, from the sources of the firm, and on to the customers of the firm. Used book in Good Condition.

Getting Started with Business Analytics: Insightful Decision-Making

Chapman and Hall/CRC - Assuming no prior knowledge or technical skills, capabilities, Getting Started with Business Analytics: Insightful Decision-Making explores the contents, and applications of business analytics. The authors demystify the main concepts and terminologies and give many examples of real-world applications. The first part of the book introduces business data and recent technologies that have promoted fact-based decision-making.

. It bridges the worlds of business and statistics and describes business analytics from a non-commercial standpoint. It takes you on a journey through this data-rich world, showing you how to deploy business analytics solutions in your organization. The authors look at how business intelligence differs from business analytics.

Getting Started with Business Analytics: Insightful Decision-Making - Each chapter in this part incorporates hands-on projects based on publicly available data. Helping you make sound decisions based on hard data, this self-contained guide provides an integrated framework for data mining in business analytics. Used book in Good Condition. The book helps you understand the key concepts and ideas behind data mining and shows how data mining has expanded into data analytics when considering new types of data such as network and text data.

The third part explores business analytics in depth, social, covering customer, and operational analytics. They also discuss the main components of a business analytics application and the various requirements for integrating business with analytics.

Introduction to Management Accounting 16th Edition

Pearson - Introduction to management accounting helps to enhance readers’ ability to make effective economic decisions by encouraging them to understand the inner-workings of the concepts, rather than solely focusing on technique memorization. Overall, this text describes both theory and common practices in a way that will help readers produce information that’s useful in day-to-day decision-making.

Used book in Good Condition. 013305974x / 9780133058789 introduction to management accounting 0133059251 / 9780133059748 introduction to management accounting plus new myaccountinglab with pearson etext -- Access Card Package Package consists of:    0133058786 / 9780133059250 NEW MyAccountingLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card -- for Introduction to Management Accounting   Used book in Good Condition.

Introduction to Management Accounting 16th Edition - Directed primarily toward Accounting college/university majors, this text also provides practical content to current and aspiring industry professionals. Used book in Good Condition.